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Zocdoc is an online healthcare scheduling service that receives more than 6 million patient visits a month. In less than 12 months, Zocdoc became a cloud-first organization to meet their business goals. This digital transformation allowed for rapid innovation and the ability to deliver products that align with demands of the 21st century fashion week berlin dates of full patient. From easily booking doctor appointments to deciphering complex insurance plans, the cloud has provided Zocdoc with the ability to eliminate friction and complexities that patients experience when interacting with the healthcare system. In this session, Brian Lozada, CISO at Zocdoc, and Jay Ball, Head of Application Security, will explain how Zocdoc uses AWS security services to seamlessly and automatically monitor, audit, and enforce their security policies within all their AWS environments. They'll share how they use AWS security services, such as AWS Config, Amazon Guard Duty, Amazon Inspector and AWS Shield, while using AWS Lambda functions to augment their Security team, all without slowing down their developers.

Level: 200


Brian Lozada - CISO, Zocdoc

Jay Ball - Head of Application Security, Zocdoc

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