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Arguably, one of the things people like to do most in FlyFF is to dress up! Clothing sets are a way for users to express themselves and their characters, while also flyff fashion m creating a signature look, mixing and matching different fashion pieces together.

Have fun and make a new fashion statement with these cash shop items! For those who are looking to purchase one, see if it's worth more of your money to buy them from users. Cash shop fashion items which are not "limited edition" tend to be cheaper in game.

On the opposite end, many "limited edition" sets, or sets which are only available in cash shop for a short time, tend to be worth more. In fact, many players will purchase limited edition clothes from cash shop and sell them later on for a source of revenue! However, the trick is to recognize which are a hit and which are a miss.

Cash Shop Fashion Links

Head Piece Suggestions

Hand Piece Suggestions

  • The hands with the Wedding Set feature a Gold (M)/Silver (F) ring on the left hand
  • The Bracelet from the Chapao Set feature slimmer, smaller hands (F Only)
  • All the rest of the "hands" with the Image:CS_Set_M_Casual_Gloves.gif (M) and Image:CS_Set_F_CasualDress_Gloves.gif (F) icons have generally the same look as a naked hand

Cash Shop Set Viewer

Those interested in previewing different set combinations may download the Cash Shop Set Viewer [1] by ItsReiko


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