Galway 1980's fashion

Gather 'round kids, we've got some classic Irish video footage that has to be seen to be believed.

While galway 1980's fashion this little country might be a bustling hub of New York inspired cocktails and sleek bars (for the most part), this American news report from the 1980s in Galway shows that it was a completely different time back then.

The news clip is all about "moonshine" in Galway, or Poitin as it's actually called

US presenter Neil Lundy is on some sort of random investigative mission into Irish moonshine, and follows the Gardai around as they search the "rugged" hills of Connemara for bootleg poitin makers.

The footage of the poitin maker running away in the hills is TOO MUCH


It's like stepping back in time... Just watch, and get ready to laugh

We wonder if there's any forgotten poitin stills in the Connemara bushes now?

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