P.S.- I Made This on Look TV: DIY Crow Halloween Costume

Halloween Costume: Crow

Oct 14, 2009
Halloween costumes - Crow
Aimee Herring
In a Halloween-costume pinch? Stop by your local Halloween supplies store and pick up two long black-feather boas. With just a few additional supplies, you'll have a unique crow costume in no time.

Skill Level:Beginner

Materials:Two black feather boas; scissors; black baseball cap; hot- glue gun; black plastic mask; 2 large flat-back gemstones; sheet of yellow fun foam; black witch's cape (from costume store); 1 yard of 1-inch- wide black self-adhesive hook-and- loop tape; black turtleneck; black leggings; black gloves.

1.Cut section of feather boa to fit around bottom of baseball cap; wrap and glue boa to cap.

2.Glue gems to mask for eyes.

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3.Cut 6-inch-long triangle of foam, making upper edge of triangle to fit comfortably over "nose" of mask; glue to mask for beak.

4.Cut lower edge and front edges of cape in zigzag pattern to form wings.

5.Cut hook-and-loop tape in half; separate sections. Apply loop sections to backs of turtleneck arms and hook sections inside cape, near shoulder area.

6.Starting at wrist area of one side of cape, glue feather boa along shoulder, along collar and down other shoulder to wrist.

7.Dress child in turtleneck, leggings and gloves. Tie cape around neck, then press hook- and-loop tapes together so cape forms wings.

8.Glue any additional feather boa to gloves or use as belt.

Video: THE CROW / BLACK SWAN Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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Watch Halloween Costume: Crow video

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