How To Find Unclaimed Money Owed To You

How to Find Unclaimed Money

There is an estimated 400 Billion dollars of unclaimed money in the United States.[]Billions of dollars are left unclaimed as people are not aware of money they are owed. Unclaimed money or property can be for any number of things such as uncashed checks, unredeemed gift certificates, credit balances or refunds companies owe to customers, dormant bank accounts, etc. Are you owed any money? It only takes a few minutes to find out so why not try!


  1. Collect the names and past and current addresses for yourself and/or any others for who you want to search for unclaimed property.
  2. Go to, or enter your name and hit search.
  3. Review the list of names to see if your name is on the list.If your name is not anywhere on the list skip to step 8.
  4. If you find matching names (or names that are a close match) on the list review the last known address and see if the address matches (or is close to) any of your addresses.
  5. Note the companies who reported the unclaimed money and collect and review your own files/history and gather any potentially useful documentation that could show that the money is yours (not always necessary to show proof).
  6. Click on the name that potentially relates to your unclaimed property.Review the requirements and verify that you meet them. If so click on “yes I can claim”.
  7. Fill in and submit your current information.
  8. These websites do not have 100% complete information for every state.Look for other potentially unclaimed money by going to state websites for any state in which you have lived.
  9. Enter “unclaimed property” in the search field.This should give you a way to search for unclaimed property. If you cannot find how to search for property on the state’s website, look for contact information to the state’s treasury office and call for directions.
  10. Fill out any required forms or documentation and send it to the state’s treasury office.
  11. Wait for them to contact you, or call back in a couple of weeks to follow up on your claim.
  12. Collect your money, or try again in the future!

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  • If you are an heir to someone who has passed away you can claim any money that they may have been owed. You do need evidence that you are the rightful heir.
  • This unclaimed property only gets reported to state governments after a certain period of time (typically 3 to 5 years), therefore if you have something more recent it is best to contact the companies directly.
  • Companies, who were originally in possession of the unclaimed money, are the ones who report this information to the state governments. State governments carry the names and addresses exactly as they were received; therefore it is very possible that names and addresses are not 100% accurate. If the name or address is close, it may be worth investigating.
  • There is no statute of limitations or time limit on unclaimed property.
  • Unclaimed property is the term that the government uses for unclaimed money. So in this case property = money and money = property.


  • Some sites charge on a per search or monthly basis. Using a pay site is not bad if you need assistance in finding your claim, just beware of sites which offer free preliminary searches which show results with your name. Just because you see positive results on a website does not mean you are searching the official databases.

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