How to tie a slim tie gq fashion

1. All’s well that blends well
Choose your tie wisely. Yes, it should look great on its own, and no, it shouldn’t stand out from the rest of your outfit. The idea of the tie is to complement the look, not clash with it.

2. Short Shift
While the width is important (neither too thin, nor too wide), so is the length. Let the tip of the tie reach the top of your belt. Any shorter and you may as well wear a bib. Any longer and it’ll be dipping in your soup.

3. A piece of advice from Massimiliano Giornetti
“Ties are an accessory through which a man can express his eccentricity. Even when wearing unusual chromatic variations, a great tie lends an authoritative, sharp fashion look”

4. Keep it centered
Your nose, chin, tie top, the knots dimple and shirt placket should all be in a vertical line. Attention!

5. Match Mismatch
While a striking contrast will get you noticed (often, for the worse), a textured, monochrome pairing creates a subtler, but interesting, effect. Try a baby-pink tie one a light-pink shirt or a powder-blue tie on a sky-blue shirt.

6. Pull it up, push it out
To set a decisive tone, firmly secure your tie to your collar so that it’s tight enough to just arch out. For an air of nonchalance, loose and easy works, too: the grooming equivalent would be well-managed stubble.

7. Bar None
This tiny piece of metal packs a punch. But remember: slim tie – slim bar; wide tie – wide bar. Nothing looks sloppier than a tie bar that’s too wide for your tie.

8. Smooth as silk
Cary Grant, The Beatles, Steve McQueen, and now you – the dark silk knit tie is lightweight and thin, perfect for when winter rolls into spring. It’s versatile, too, so you can wear it with pretty much everything you own.

9. Knot it right
James Bond never trusts anyone with a bulky tie knot. We don’t, either. Your tie doesn’t need to look like one worn by a drill sergeant – find other ways to assert yourself. We swear by the slick charm of a comtemporary four-in-hand instead.

Photographer: Roland Lane, Stylist: Ravneet Channa, Hair and Make-up: Simon Izzard/Frank Agency, Model: Staz Nair/Models 1, Assistant Photographer: Philip Bradley, Retouching: Kasia Kret/Studio Invisible, Illustration: Arun Jaitapkar



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