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Holding him accountable serves not only Democrats’ self-interest but the rule of law. That process begins now.


All the Midterm Races That Remain Unresolved

Fourteen big ones.

The Critics

Lucas Hedges Is Remarkable in Boy Erased

King Kong, Who’s There?

Buster Scruggs: Bleak, But Rich

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interesting times

Trump exits the midterms normalized and strengthened for 2020.

department of justice

“It was one of the hackier things I ever saw,” said one GOP operative.


The company’s stock is near an all-time high, but some investors are wondering if the optimism is warranted.


The Fame, A Star Is Born, and everything in between.


The making of a white-nationalist poster girl.


I Want to Be Adam Driver’s Baby

I’ve Been Eating Olives Wrong My Whole Life

The Best Women’s Pajamas on Amazon

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