Mens winter fashion colors

mens winter fashion colors November 2, 2018 by Patrick

Top 56 Unique Gifts for Men This 2018 Season

…because we’re all in need of gift ideas this holiday season. How is it already that time of year?  It doesn’t always have to only be ties and gs for the holidays so browse our picks and gather some great gift ideas for all the great men in your life.  If you have a husband, brother, boyfriend, […]

October 21, 2018 by Patrick

15 Best Christmas Gifts for Co-Workers or More Importantly…Your Boss

…because what are you really supposed to get the people you spend time with than anyone else in the world?  Yes, we’re talking about your co-workers and awkwardly…your boss.  Sure booze is the easiest gift you can give, but if you’re not going to send a classic wine gift, shop our picks for […]

October 1, 2018 by Patrick

The 44 Best Christmas Gifts for Him in 2018

What can you really get the man who has everything, yet uses none of it?  Him.  He’s the best.  We’ve rounded up some of the coolest gifts and ideas for your best bud…or the man.  From dad to son or husband to boyfriend, they’ll have the best holiday season ever!  We’ve got all your guy needs covered in 2018,  […]

August 13, 2018 by Jennifer

11 Dark Spot Correctors to Lighten Things Up

Most of us are loing for smooth, even toned skin. Peels and serums can help correct the appearance of uneven skin tone and with regular use, you can see a reduction in dark spots and redness over time – leaving you with clearer and brighter skin. Shop our picks for the best dark spot correctors and start fading dark […]

August 6, 2018 by Patrick

16 of the Coolest Groomsmen Gifts in 2018

Because these guys have been with you since day one so, let’s face it, it’s time to reward them for sticking by you (and keeping their mouths shut about what happened at the bachelor party).  We’ve rounded up some of the best groomsmen gift ideas for 2018.  From classic to unique, we got your guys […]

January 17, 2018 by Jennifer

Top 27 Perfumes For Women This Season

The seasons are changing and it’s officially time to update your signature scent.  It’s a perfume jungle out there and whether you’re loing for the perfect fragrance for your wife, girlfriend, mom…or you’re just loing for something fresh and new for yourself, we’ve got you covered.  Check out our picks for some of the best-selling perfumes this season, including a […]

January 6, 2018 by Patrick

10 Best Desert Boots and Chukkas for Spring 2018

…because with the pending changing of the season it’s time to upgrade your old beaten up desert boots. Whether you’re loing for classic tans or still want to go bold with gray or a pop of blue we’ve got you covered.  This season we’re seeing two-tone chukka boots, leather-suede combos, and everything in between.  Shop our top winter picks for […]

January 5, 2018 by Patrick

Get Buzzed: 13 Best Beard Trimmers & Electric Shavers in 2018

  There’s no doubt that beards are here to stay.  Once considered a flash-in-the-pan trend brought back by 98.4% of the hipsters living in Brolyn, sporting a beard has gone mainstream, yes, even in the work place.  Truth by told, we’re relieved as there wasn’t a worse task to start every morning than having to shave. […]

January 5, 2018 by Patrick

Makes Scents: Best Cologne for Men This Season

…because it’s time to retire the Drakkar and Old Spice and up your smelling game. Shop our picks for the top men’s cologne for 2018.

August 9, 2017 by Patrick

7 Crisp Corduroys to Add to Your Closet This Season

…because it’s officially that time of year when you can sport your favorite cords with a light sweater for work or with a trim-fit button down and your best bren in Chucks to hang out this weekend. From classic khaki to bright blues and light greens to sleek blacks, our editors picked their top corduroy […]

August 9, 2017 by Patrick

Step Out: Sleek Loafers for Men in Suede and Leather This Season

Growing up loafers always reminded me of something that Alex P. Keaton would sport. Years later it seemed like it was part of the traditional wardrobe of the IT department. But times they-are-a-changing and the loafers this season are debuting in a variety of colors (like blue and cognac) and materials (suede and leather). Don’t […]

August 8, 2017 by Patrick

On Trend: The Best Men’s Ties Perfect For Winter 2018

…because with parties, work events, and endless dinners you’re going to need some innovative tie options to keep things fresh. From your classic black skinny ties to pops of color on your bow tie, we’ve got you covered for all your tie dilemmas.   Introducing “The Ultimate Men’s Tie Guide” for the winter 2018 season. […]

August 8, 2017 by Patrick

Shady Days: The Best Sunglasses for Men This Spring 2018

…because while you’re protecting your eyes from that pesky sun, you might as well lo good at the same time. From Aviators and Wayfarer to Ray Ban and Oakley we’ve got you covered. Sunglasses are like shoes, you don’t just own one pair.  Some sunglasses are perfect to sport with your work attire (yawn), others are […]

August 7, 2017 by Patrick

14 Best Slim to Trim Fit Dress Shirts That Upgrade Your Look

…because whether we like it or not, sometimes a dress shirt is needed.  For us, besides actually liking the style of it, it’s really all about finding the right fit.  If you don’t want to lo like you’re a little kid trying on your dad’s shirt or, you know, auditioning to be a pirate, you […]

August 7, 2017 by Patrick

14 of the Best Mens Chinos on Trend This Spring

…because chinos really aren’t what they used to be, and by that we mean they’re not like your grade-school uniform, thankfully as we’re still tormented by those.  In slimmer fits, flat front options and a wide variety of colors and s, you can now easily transition from work attire to happy hour drinks or buzzing […]

August 7, 2017 by Patrick

11 Best Sweaters, Cardigans, and V-Necks of the Winter Season

It’s that time of year when you toss on your favorite sweater, grab your Starbucks and head out on your fall-into-winter adventure.  From fitted to chunky and v-neck to buttoned-down we’ve got you covered when you’re ready up your sweater game or when you need to gift one to someone else.  Shop our picks for the best […]

August 7, 2017 by Patrick

The 23 Coolest (and Best) Sneakers for Men This Year

…because when the season changes, so should your sneakers.  This spring we’re seeing major pops of color like flashy yellow, volt green, and electric lime to name a few. If you’re ready to make a change like we are then up your sneaker game for 2018 with some of our favorite kicks for guys this season. All […]

August 6, 2017 by Patrick

The Frames Game: The Best Mens Eyeglasses Under 0 in 2018

Because if I need to get glasses I want to feel like Don Draper whilst doing so. Here’s our top picks for some of the coolest eyeglasses for men this season in 2018.

August 6, 2017 by Patrick

Fall Back: The 12 Best Spring Jackets for Men in 2018

…because it’s time to add a light layer to your wardrobe on a cool fall day. Shop our favorite fall jackets and vests for men you need to rock out in 2018 and beyond!

August 6, 2017 by Patrick

18 Best Designer Watches For Men Perfect For Every Day

…because it’s time to dress your wrist up and give it the attention it deserves.  Shop our favorite mens watches for 2018 and beyond. Did you know your watch says a lot about you and your style?  Besides being used for practical reasons, the right watch adds a little something-something to your wrist and allows you […]

August 6, 2017 by Patrick

Plaid to Check: The 13 Best Flannels of the Season

…because you need to stay warm for the walk from work to the bar (and lo good all at the same time).  It’s that time of year again when you need to stay warm due to the endless polar vortex that will cripple our lives….but you still want to lo good at the same time. […]

August 6, 2017 by Patrick

Denim Jungle: The 14 Best Jeans for Men This Winter

…because there are a lot of denim options out there so shop our top 14 picks for mens jeans this 2018 and show up to any event loing right. We’re throwing the “rule bo” out the window that claims you can only wear light colored jeans in the spring and summer. We weren’t great following rules […]

August 6, 2017 by Patrick

Back Pocket Upgrade: Top 12 Leather Wallets for Men This Season

…because the recession is over and it’s time to show off all that money you now have. We’re just as guilty as anyone else when it came to crinkled up dollars and 74 cents in nickels in our front and back s. But with the change of seasons comes the friendly reminder that it’s time […]

August 6, 2017 by Patrick

On Trend: 11 Best Jogger Pants for Men This Season

…because we’re loving that the jogger pants trend has grown legs for the fourth year in a row. What started out as slim fitting sweatpants has now transitioned into jeans, n and formal pants. Joggers are perfect when you’re trying to show off some new kicks or boots and because they’re fitted they […]

August 6, 2017 by Patrick

The Best-Selling Cigar Humidors for 2018

…because when it comes to your cigar collection, you really shouldn’t mess around.  As you know, it’s super important to keep these bad boys stored perfectly at all times.  Whether you’re loing to buy a humidor for yourself or are loing to gift one (or two) for someone else (like Father’s Day, Christmas or your […]

July 30, 2017 by Patrick

Brief Picks: The Official Men’s Underwear Guide For 2018

…because we’re all in this together!  When the waistband is busted or your name is still written on the back tag it’s probably time for an upgrade.  Toss out those dull tighty whities and dare to go bold in stripes or a variety of floral patterns.  Relax, it’s just underwear so you can handle it. […]

July 29, 2017 by Patrick

Best Tea Tree Shampoos to Finally Stop the Itch!

…because you can hold your itchy scalp up with pride knowing you’re not alone in the battle to stop the itch! I first started using a tea tree shampoo after my dermatologist made the recommendation when I was in my late teens and on a variety of acne meds…all that seemed to have the common […]

July 29, 2017 by Patrick

Clean Your Mug: 9 Best Face Washes & Scrubs

…because you don’t need to use your girlfriend’s flowery face wash any. From too much sun exposure and sloppy shaving sometimes our face could use a little refresher.  Whether you have oily skin or dry skin you need a little something extra that will help with your current skin situation and still get you ready […]

July 25, 2017 by Patrick

The 15 Best Shoes for Men to Kick Off Spring 2018

…because let’s face it, it’s time for a complete shoe upgrade. Sure we’d all to putz around in our favorite pair of sneakers or flip flops for that matter, but sometimes we have to put on our adult hat and, in turn, our adult shoes.  A great shoe can really make or break almost any lo. […]

June 3, 2017 by Ross

The 9 Best Summer Men’s Shampoos for Oily Hair

Summer sun and fun requires some extra care for your hair. Heat, sweat, humidity, sun, salt and chlorine create special needs all their own; very different from the cold & dry of winter we just left behind. There’s nothing sexy about a greasy oil spill on your head. You need to tweak your shampooing routine […]

May 13, 2017 by Patrick

10 of the Coolest Boat Shoes You Can Rock Off the Dock

…because we can officially start wearing boat shoes again! It’s really our favorite time of year.  Everyone and everything is relaxed and, dare we say, casual.  This can totally include your wardrobe all the way down to your shoes.  It doesn’t matter if you actually own a boat and plan on spending any time on […]

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